Get Ready for a Wine-Focused Tailgating Party

One of the great traditions associated with pro football is tailgating. Across the country, fans gather in the parking lots of stadiums hours before game time, fire up portable grills, and chow down during the countdown to kickoff, surrounding by fellow fans and like-minded “diners.”

According to, “Many would argue that the Lambeau Field in Green Bay is the top place in the country to go tailgating. Green Bay fans are both loyal and fun, which makes a visit to the famous Tundra Tailgate Zone extra exciting. Here you’ll find food, beer, live music and giant monitors that show the games.”

But Green Bay is not alone when it comes to great tailgating, with other fun destinations including Philadelphia, Buffalo, Seattle, Miami, Houston, Denver, Cleveland, Chicago, Minnesota, Kansas City and New England (Boston area).

You’ll note that the two teams taking part in the 2022 Super Bowl — the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams — are not included on RVshare’s list. We’re not sure why, but both teams do allow tailgating.

If you’re planning to watch the big game on TV, you can get in the spirit of the occasion even if your team is not involved by having your own tailgate party — either outdoors (weather permitting) or indoors.

To add to the fun, prepare traditional tailgating food and, rather than serving beer, open a few bottles of your favorite wine.

Well-seasoned and even spicy sausages make great alternatives to traditional hot dogs, and are even better when washed down with a glass of spicy California Zinfandel.

Grilling burgers? It’s hard to go wrong with almost any red wine, but Syrah is a classic match and tasty blends of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre (often abbreviated simply as “G-S-M”) can be amazing pairing partners.

Making grilled cheese sandwiches or quesadillas? These easy-to-prepare options provide an opportunity to open a bottle of semi-sweet or off-dry wine such as Riesling or Moscato.

By the way, these pairings work equally well whether you’re tuning in for the game or strictly for the commercials. Even if you don’t care who wins, you can have a great time this coming Sunday with a wine-focused tailgating party.

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