Take a Break from ‘Jeopardy’ and Take Our Wine Quiz

Given all the “controversy” surrounding “Jeopardy” recently — from the botched replacement of beloved host Alex Trebek to Mayim Bialik’s use of the phrase “Single Jeopardy” — perhaps it’s time to take breath and enjoy another edition of this blog’s popular wine quiz.

Are you up to the challenge?

We’ll test your vinous knowledge with five questions today, and then provide you with the answers on Thursday.

So pour a glass of your house white or red (or pink), grab a pen and piece of paper, and let’s go…

1. How much will restaurants typically mark up the cost of a bottle of wine?

a. Five times the retail price.

b. Double the wholesale cost.

c. Double the retail price.

d. Not at all.

2. Which wine grape received a “makeover” during the 1990s, resulting in higher prices?

a. Zinfandel.

b. Merlot.

c. Cabernet Franc.

d. Sangiovese.

3. If you read “Columbia Valley” on a wine bottle’s label, from what region does that wine originate?

a. Pacific Northwest.

b. Great Lakes.

c. Mid-Atlantic.

d. Eastern Sierras.

4. What will be the result when a red wine is served too cold?

a. The fermented sugars will return, making the wine sweet.

b. The tannins will become harsher, dulling the fruit flavors of the wine.

c. The alcohol level will increase.

d. It will change color, more closely resembling a rosé.

5. What is meant when a wine is described as “quaffable”?

a. It’s very sweet.

b. It’s very dry.

c. It’s very easy to drink.

d. It’s tannic and harsh.

How do you think you did? Check back on Thursday to find out.

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