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Red Wines at the ‘Right’ Temperature for Fall

With fall approaching, many of us will be drinking more red wine more often. After a summer of imbibing mostly well-chilled whites, the ol’ palate is ready for some soul-warming reds — wines that will go with the more hearty

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Over a Barrel: The Role of Oak in Winemaking

The aromas and flavors we experience in wine come not just from grapes, but also from winemaking processes and the vessels in which a specific wine is aged. When vintners wish the nuances of the grapes and nothing else to

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7 Fascinating Facts About Winegrapes

Great wine cannot be made without great grapes. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard winemakers utter those or similar words. I was thinking about that over the weekend, and that led to thinking about winegrapes in general.

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How to Order Wine in a Restaurant

When dining out, there are several rituals associated with
ordering a bottle of wine.

All of them are just that:
rituals. They are not rules. A few could even be perceived as pretty

Let’s take a look at these rituals, and whether
you’d be well advised to follow them…

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