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The Wine List Debate, Napa Without Cab, and More

A few happenings in the world of wine, including the start of the Napa Valley Harvest of 2019, what would Napa be like WITHOUT Cab, and the celebration of La Crema’s 40th anniversary.

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Secrets of the Sommeliers… and Why a Good One Deserves a Good Tip

Sommeliers and their role at restaurants and what you need to know about a great one.

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What’s Your Go-To Wine?

Life is full of surprises. Some of them good… some of them bad… some of them simply unexpected. I’m the kind of guy who likes to keep surprises to a minimum. In my work life, which is deadline oriented, most

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The Perfect Wines for a Hot Summer Day

Summer has arrived and, with it, warmer temperatures in most parts of the country. (Sorry, Colorado. Snow in late June?!? Yikes!) Some people will tell you that when the temperatures rise, the wine options diminish. I will tell you that

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