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A Wine Strategy for the Big Football Games

Congratulations! You’ve been asked to “do the wine” for a friend’s big football viewing event. And, in a moment of weakness, or perhaps sheer madness, you agreed. So now what? The first thing you need to know is that your

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Wine Words: He Said / She Said… They Said / I Say

Do you ever talk to the television? You know, when someone says something incredibly stupid… or, on rare occasions, amazingly insightful… that you just have to react? In the case of the former, your response might be, “Are you kidding

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3 New Year’s Wine Resolutions That Should Be Easy to Keep

Lean about the top 3 New Year’s Resolutions of 2019.

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How to Open a Bottle of Champagne

Learn how to open a bottle of Champagne, just in time for New Years Eve.

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