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Three Books to Read While Sipping Wine

    If you like to read about wine as well as drink it, here are three books you may want to check out…

     * “The Billionaire’s Vinegar: The Mystery of the World’s Most Expensive Bottle of Wine.”

     Just as there are counterfeit paintings, currency and I.D.s, there is counterfeit wine. Particularly when prices are…

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How to 'Talk Wine' Like the Pros

    So, you want to sound like a wine expert, eh?

     Short of memorizing each and every word of The Grapevine (official publication of the wine clubs of Vinesse), what’s an oenophile-in-training to do?

     We’d suggest picking up a copy of “The Wine Snob’s Dictionary,” a breezy 111-page book written by David Kamp and David Lynch.


    The book’s sub-title gives you…

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Hmm… THAT'S an Interesting Aroma!

    John Cunin, owner of the Cypress Club in San Francisco, decided to have some fun, and put together a list of the “Top 10 Descriptors a Winemaker Hates to Hear.”

     Here is his list, presented Letterman countdown-style:…

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More Words of Vinous Wisdom… or Not

    *** One of the great columnists of the 20th century, Art Buchwald, on wine writing:

     “When it came to writing about wine, I did what almost everybody does -faked it.”

    *** Chef and author Jasper White, on matching food and wine:


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Mendocino County: 59 Tasting Rooms Beckon

***image2***      Gold Rush immigrants first planted winegrapes in Mendocino County’s inland valleys in the 1850s.

      Today, the county still has predominantly family-owned wineries, 60 percent of which are small estates producing fewer than 5,000 cases annually.

      Mendocino wineries and vineyards are thriving, and are well regarded for producing wines of high quality. The principal…

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Words of Vinous Wisdom… or Not

    This observation is credited to the Bishop of Seville, circa
the 7th century:


     “I have enjoyed
great health at a great age because everyday since I can remember, I have
consumed a bottle of wine, except. . .

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Quotes about our favorite subject…

*** John Williams, owner and winemaker of Frog’s Leap Winery in Napa Valley, on how global warming could impact winegrowing:

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Wine Wit

     John Stuart Blackie, proving that being a scholar does not preclude

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