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Michigan Lawmakers Make a Welcome Decision for Wine Lovers

For more than 10 years, I’ve made an annual trek to the community of St. Joseph in southwestern Michigan for an concert dubbed “Smooth Jazz at Sunset.” As I noted in this blog, the South Cliff Inn makes a comfortable

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Russian River Grape Growers Face a Year With Much Less Water

Grapevines don’t need as much water as many other plants in order to produce fruit. In fact, in the Tasting Notes we write for the selections featured by the wine clubs of Vinesse, we often talk about how “stressed vines”

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An Original ‘Rhone Ranger’ to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

The man who brought a little bit of Chateauneuf du Pape to California will soon be honored by the organization spawned by his efforts in the vineyard and skills in the cellar. On April 5, the Rhone Rangers organization will

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New Alliance Promises Super-Premium Riesling from New York

Riesling is among the most food-friendly of all white wines, and before long, we’ll all have more world-class Riesling to enjoy. In a joint announcement, two of the biggest names on the global wine scene have unveiled a partnership that

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