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What Does It Take to Become a Sommelier?

It’s one of those wine words, not unlike Gewurztraminer, that is difficult to pronounce. For some, this adds allure to the pursuit of wine wisdom. For others, it’s just another source of frustration. But just as learning how to pronounce

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Which Glass? Why the Shape Matters

If you’ve paid a visit to your local Costco store lately, you may have come face to face with a giant wine glass that stands nearly 4 feet tall. That is NOT the size or shape of wine glasses we’re

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The 10 Most Important Terms for Wine Lovers

Wine has a language all its own, and learning it can be like learning a foreign language — even when the terms are 100% English. Becoming familiar with the 10 terms that follow can go a long way toward increasing

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The Secrets to Reading a Wine Label

When you’re buying a can of corn, there’s usually not much mystery involved. True, there are variations such as “cream style” and “no salt added,” but other than that, determining what’s inside the can is a pretty straightforward exercise. Oh,

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