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Is White Wine Worth Waiting For?

Should white wine be aged? We have the details on which white wines can be aged and which whites you should drink now.

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The Cure for ‘Bottle Sickness’ Is Patience

When cans or bottles are filled with soft drinks… and when bottles or cartons are filled with milk… they’re immediately placed in case boxes and prepared for shipping to warehouses or their points of sale. But when wine is bottled,

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Something to Consider When Cooking With Wine

No matter how careful we are with our wine — keeping it in a temperature-controlled room, out of the reach of sunlight, and stored on its side — sometimes we encounter a “leaker.” That’s when a dried cork has allowed

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What to Do When You Don’t Finish a Bottle

For any number of reasons, not every bottle of wine gets finished in a single sitting. That means we need an effective way of saving and storing open bottles for finishing later. Here are a few suggestions to make sure

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