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How to Get Those Red Wine Stains Out

If you drink enough red wine, it is pretty much inevitable: At some point in time, you will spill some on a piece of clothing. And if what happens to you is like what happened to me, that piece of

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What’s the Difference Between Red Wine and White Wine?

Wait a minute! That sounds like an answer from the “Stupid Questions” category on Jeopardy. Of course, the obvious answer is the color, but perhaps not so obvious is how the colors come to be. It all begins with the

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How to Chill Wine in a Hurry

Guests have arrived unexpectedly. You’d like to share a nice bottle of white wine with them. But there’s a problem. The only white wine you have on hand is sitting on your wine rack, and it needs to be chilled

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How to Open a Bottle of Champagne — Safely

We want you to have not only a festive and fun New Year’s Eve, but also a safe one. A bottle of Champagne — whether it’s a vintage wine like the floral, fruitful and fresh 2009 Cristal by Louis Roederer

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