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Stay Home and Cook With Wine This Weekend

Given the frigid weather that much of the country has been experiencing this winter, a whole lot of people have been staying home and cooking rather than going out to eat. Little wonder, then, that the following question came in.

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Wine Opening 101: Even Without a Corkscrew

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It is the nightmare of every wine lover: You’re on a trip, you’ve checked into your hotel room, you remove that special bottle you that you expertly secured in your luggage… and then it hits you. You left your corkscrew

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What Does It Take to Become a Sommelier?

It’s one of those wine words, not unlike Gewurztraminer, that is difficult to pronounce. For some, this adds allure to the pursuit of wine wisdom. For others, it’s just another source of frustration. But just as learning how to pronounce

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The 10 Most Important Terms for Wine Lovers

Wine has a language all its own, and learning it can be like learning a foreign language — even when the terms are 100% English. Becoming familiar with the 10 terms that follow can go a long way toward increasing

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