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It’s Not Too Late to Celebrate Bastille Day With Food and Wine

The best food and wine pairings for Bastille Day, celebrated July 14th in France.

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A Delicious Sangria to Beat the Summer Heat

Many people drink Sangria only when dining at a Mexican restaurant, or perhaps as their Sunday brunch beverage. But it’s a wonderful option anytime during the sometimes-sweltering summer months. It can be used as a satisfying thirst quencher, or as

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The Perfect Red Wine for Summer: Pinot Noir

Any list of “important” red wines must include Pinot Noir. For many people, such a list would be topped by that variety. From its historic home of France’s Burgundy appellation to the Willamette Valley of Oregon, and from Santa Barbara

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What’s Your Go-To Wine?

Life is full of surprises. Some of them good… some of them bad… some of them simply unexpected. I’m the kind of guy who likes to keep surprises to a minimum. In my work life, which is deadline oriented, most

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