What Makes a Great Wine Great?

It’s a question that has challenged newcomers to wine and sommeliers alike because there is no simple answer. Compounding the confusion is the fact that the answer can be different for different people. Over the years, I’ve discussed this topic

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5 Truths About Tasting (and Assessing) Wine

Comparing wines should not be thought of as a “competition,” and yet we need some way to differentiate the really good ones from the so-so ones. Around here, we’ve always embraced the 100-point grading scale that we came to know

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A Wine-Tasting Experience Above the Rest

I lived in Chicago for 13 years at the beginning of the new millennium, and every once in a while I’d read about a rooftop garden being planted on one of the city’s many skyscrapers. In some cases they were

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The Cure for ‘Bottle Sickness’ Is Patience

When cans or bottles are filled with soft drinks… and when bottles or cartons are filled with milk… they’re immediately placed in case boxes and prepared for shipping to warehouses or their points of sale. But when wine is bottled,

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