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Keep Your Eyes Open for Wine Art — Even in an Abbey

Art is everywhere, and wine-related art can be found in some surprising places — if you keep your eyes open. Watercolor and acrylic paintings by Josef Frank are featured in an exhibition called “Blossoming” at the architecturally stunning Stift Melk

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The Perfect Wines for the Perfect Schnitzel

It is a dish that may have originated in northern Italy, where it’s known as costoletta alla Milanese, but it has become the undisputed national dish of Austria. We speak of the breaded, fried veal cutlet known as wiener schnitzel,

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‘Green’ Practices Become ‘Official’ in Austria

Sustainability has been an important theme in Austrian agriculture for many years. Now, the Austrian Winegrowers’ Association is making available to the Austrian wine sector an online tool that, for the time being, can be used by winemakers for self-assessment.

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Dining in Style in Vienna

No trip to Vienna is complete without taking in a concert devoted to two of Austria’s most revered native sons: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johann Strauss. Although Mozart died at the age of 35, his oeuvre includes more than 600

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