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You Can Learn a Lot (and Have Fun) With a ‘Vertical Tasting’

“I can’t believe how much she’s grown!” If you’re a parent, think back to when your child was 3 years old… and then 4… and then 5. (You probably don’t have to do much thinking. Chances are you have lots

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Leg of Lamb With Black Olive Puree — Try It With Cabernet!

Cabernet Sauvignon can sometimes be challenging to pair with food, especially younger renditions with tannins that have not had time to subside. As the king of red wines, it seemingly demands attention, as if to say, “You will pay attention

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Shafer Vineyards: A Star of the Stags Leap District

Shafer Vineyards traces its beginnings to 1972 when John Shafer left a 23-year career in the publishing industry and, with his family, moved to the Napa Valley to pursue a second career in wine. It was the lure of wine

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A Lesson Learned in the Pacific Northwest: All Great Wines Begin in the Vineyard

There are certain grape varieties, such as Cabernet Sauvignon (among reds) and Chardonnay (among whites) that take well to barrel fermentation. There are others, such as Riesling, that would have their aromas and flavors obliterated by exposure to oak, and

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Winter Beckons, But Grapevines Still Need Attention

“A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.” The great comedian, actor and banjo player, Steve Martin, made that observation. And what better time to cite it than on the “shortest day” of 2015? Winter solstice is the day

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Wine Touring… and Animal Viewing… in Australia’s Pyrenees

The Pyrenees region of Australia — not to be confused with the Pyrenees mountain range that separates France and Spain — offers beautiful views, fresh country air and a welcoming climate for winegrape growing. Game meats, freshwater fish, honey and

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Caymus: A Special Award for a Legendary Vintner

A legendary Napa Valley vintner has been honored with one of the wine world’s most prestigious awards — a nice way to begin the holiday season. The American Wine Society selected Caymus Vineyards co-founder Chuck Wagner for the 2015 AWS

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What Kind of Wine Should We Bring to Thanksgiving Dinner?

As a newlywed of not quite a month, I’m dealing with a very nice conundrum: where to spend Thanksgiving Day. Will it be at the home of my new father-in-law, or will it be at the home of my darling

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How to Know Which Wines Needs to ‘Breathe’… and Why

Breathe, breathe in the air Don’t be afraid to care Leave but don’t leave me Look around and choose your own ground The lyrics to the opening song on Pink Floyd’s classic “Dark Side of the Moon” album can be

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Koehler Winery: A Place to Get Away From It All

Aaron Spelling was one of the most prolific producers of programs in television history. His long resumé of programs in which he had a hand includes “The Mod Squad,” “The Rookies,” “Charlie’s Angels,” “Beverly Hills 90210,” “The Love Boat,” “7th

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