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Wine and Chocolate Pairings for Valentine’s Day

No Valentine’s Day is complete without wine. No Valentine’s Day is complete without chocolate. Yet the marriage of wine and chocolate is among the more stridently debated topics in the world of wine. Some say the two should never be

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A Visit to One of the World’s Great Chocolate Makers

In the world of chocolate, a handful of producers stand out as true master chocolatiers. One of them is Switzerland-based Lindt, which produces fine chocolates that often are described with words similar to those used to describe fine wines. It

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The Intersecting Languages of Wine and Coffee

At first glance, I thought it was another wine-related email — one of at least 50 I receive on any given weekday. (The flow slows a little on the weekends, allowing for the flow of a little more wine at

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Coffee, Chocolate, Golf… and (Of Course) Wine

A few notes that are at least semi-related to our favorite subject (wine) as we near the end of June… Coffee king Starbucks, which has been experimenting with wine, beer and upscale snacks during evening hours at a number of

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