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75th Anniversary: Wines for McDonald’s Menu Items

McDonald’s conducts regional test marketing all the time. There also are regional menu variations, although not as many as there used to be. I can tell you this from personal experience — a lot of traveling around the country, and

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Home Base for a Sonoma County Wine Adventure

In yesterday’s blog, we toured a wonderful music and concert venue in Sonoma County wine country — Green Music Center on the Sonoma State University campus. If you now find yourself planning a trip, you’re going to need a place

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Nice Dinner Wine If You Can Afford It

In an earlier blog, we told you about an upcoming wine event in Las Vegas — the 7th annual Winefest at the Golden Nugget Hotel. That reminded us of a recent “Vegas Confidential” column from the Review-Journal newspaper, written by

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V Marketplace: A Vintage Experience in Napa Valley

If you’re planning a trip to Napa Valley sometime this year, try to free up a few hours for a visit to the V Marketplace. A festival-style center once known as “Vintage 1870,” V Marketplace offers upscale specialty shops, galleries

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