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Dry Farming: An Option for More Grape Growers

Dry farming has been a choice for California grape growers through most of California’s wine history. But given the ongoing drought in the state, and its severity, it’s becoming more of a necessity. Dry farming basically means that a grower

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Valley Fire Delays Harvest at Some Lake County Estates

The pictures we’ve been seeing this week on television have been horrific: entire blocks of homes and businesses in California’s Lake County, north of Napa Valley, left in a smoldering heap, destroyed by one of the worst fires in an

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Summer in the Vineyard: Important Tasks Ahead

Summer is here, and in California, grape growers and winemakers are riding an emotional rollercoaster. On one hand, they are like other Californians in wishing that one of the worst droughts in the state’s history could be over. On the

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No More Grapevines for the Santa Monica Mountains

The California wine industry traces its beginnings not to Napa Valley or Sonoma Valley, but rather to Southern California. Long before the North Coast region emerged as a worldwide wine leader, wineries dotted the landscape in Los Angeles and the

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