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At Last, Merlot Trumps Mojitos in Miami

It has long been a whole lot easier to get a Mojito than a good glass of Merlot in Miami. This comes to mind because yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, something you may be commemorating today with a bowl of

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Where to Get Your Culinary Romance on in Miami

In yesterday’s blog, we told you about a USA Today story focused on “Valentine’s Day Ultra-Getaways.” And we shined the spotlight on a highly acclaimed romantic dining destination in one of the cities USA Today featured — Edinburgh. Today, we

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A ‘Big World’ of Wine Bars in Orlando

Orlando is the amusement park mecca of America, with Disney and Universal operating multiple parks and others offering dozens of stand-alone attractions. Fortunately, when wine drinkers need a break from all the “excitement,” three outstanding wine bars offer a relaxing

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