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Rheinhessen: Lovely Wines from a Lovely Place

The largest of Germany’s 13 wine regions, Rheinhessen, lies in a valley of gentle rolling hills. While vines are virtually a monoculture in the Rheingau or along the Mosel, they are but one of many crops that share the fertile

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Vino in the Negev? A New Wine Country Experience Beckons

Bordeaux. Napa Valley. The Veneto. Rheinhessen. Rioja. All of these geographic names are recognizable as wine regions. Hear the name, and you immediately know what “wine country” it’s connected to. Bordeaux — France. Napa Valley — The United States (specifically,

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Putting a Long-Held Wine Theory to the Test

I have heard it said many times, and it may well be your experience: Wine tastes best when it’s consumed in its place of origin. Italian wines taste best in Italy. German wines taste best in Germany. American wines taste

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