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Summer in the Vineyard: Important Tasks Ahead

Summer is here, and in California, grape growers and winemakers are riding an emotional rollercoaster. On one hand, they are like other Californians in wishing that one of the worst droughts in the state’s history could be over. On the

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Grapes on the Ground: A Wachau Quality Contributor

It’s a scene repeated in vineyards all along the Danube River in Austria’s Wachau Valley. As the annual harvest season draws to a close, grapes that are not deemed wine-worthy are cut from their vines and dropped to the ground.

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When the Grapes Get Good

There have been significant vineyard plantings across the state of California over the past 10 years. But only in the past five years or so have we seen significant increases in wine production. Why would that be? That topic is

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