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Halloween Candy and Wine Pairing

The spookiest day of the year is a week away. Anyone who has kids goes through a progression of life experiences related to this “holiday.” It begins with dressing up the real little ones in outfits they’d never select themselves

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Why Should Kids Have All the Fun on Halloween?

When I was a kid, Halloween didn’t end at 8 or 9 o’clock, as it does in so many towns today. It went on until 10 or 11, and rather than making their houses look dark and deserted, most folks

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Get in the Halloween Spirit With Spooky Bottle Holders

Last year about this time, we visited the Dragon’s Lair shop at the Excaliber Casino in Las Vegas — and check out what we found! The store carries a wide range of cool — not to mention scary — wine

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A Not-So-Scary Reason to Visit Santa Ynez Valley Wine Country

Solvang has been a popular California tourist destination for decades. When I was a kid, our family went for the Danish bakeries — to see what “the competition” was up to, since my parents owned a bakery in Balboa, Calif.

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Is Transylvania The Next Great Wine Region? (Seriously)

A few of the early vintages of Vampire wines were made from grapes grown in, appropriately enough, Transylvania, Romania. I remember those wines, and on the 100-point rating scale I’ve used in my wine columns through the years and that

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It’s Okay for Wine Drinking to Be Fun

At the Round Barn Winery in Baroda, Mich. — in a wine region that’s basically across Lake Michigan from Chicago — they make no bones about what their products are all about. (In fact, although the Web address remains the

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Bad Jokes and Scary Good Wine

Some years ago, I tried to become a ghostwriter. But I couldn’t find any ghosts who wanted me to write for them. Baroom-boom! That’s one of those bad jokes that, thankfully, you usually hear only around Halloween time. In case

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