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A Tasting Experience You Can Share With Friends

I’m pretty excited about the wine sampler that’s being featured by Vinesse today. Not only does it include a wonderful selection of wines, but it’s intended to do one of the things that wine does best: bring people together. You

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Party Planning for the Rest of the Year — With Wine!

Just because Thanksgiving has come and gone for another year, it doesn’t mean the party season is over. In fact, for many people, it’s just beginning. You know you’ll be renewing your gym membership after the first of the year,

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Hamming It Up: One Big Meal Down, One to Go

Surveys show that most people choose turkey as the main course for Thanksgiving Day. But ham is a close second. So if you’re planning to serve ham at your next holiday gathering, we have a tasty recipe for you. It

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How to Avoid Over-Imbibing on Turkey Day

Planning to shine up your best wide-brimmed stemware for the big Thanksgiving feast? If you’re having guests who will be driving, you may want to re-think that. Given the widely varying size of wine glasses, it’s easy for people to

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Wines to Open With the Thanksgiving Feast

No matter what some wine pundits may say, there is no one “perfect” variety of wine to accompany the Thanksgiving holiday feast. So, what to do? Here are two basic strategies: Pour your favorite vino — regardless of its color

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What Kind of Wine Should We Bring to Thanksgiving Dinner?

As a newlywed of not quite a month, I’m dealing with a very nice conundrum: where to spend Thanksgiving Day. Will it be at the home of my new father-in-law, or will it be at the home of my darling

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Chicken Thighs With an Infusion of Chardonnay — Yum!

Thirsty for Chardonnay? Want to drink it with a dish that’s easy to prepare? The recipe that follows infuses a hint of Chardonnay flavor — like you’ll find in the wines being offered in today’s sale on the treasured varietal

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The Best Wines for Citrus-Infused Fare

Wine is made from fruit, and unless its flavors are completely obliterated by oak nuances, it tastes, at least in part, like fruit. This seemingly obvious observation is very important to remember when pairing wine with food. “Not surprisingly,” writes

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Football’s Back: The Best Wines to Serve With Guacamole

Except for this evening’s “Monday Night Football” doubleheader, the first week of the 2015-16 NFL season is in the books. If your team won, congratulations. If your team lost, better luck next week. And speaking of next week, don’t forget

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Glassware: Size and Shape Make a Difference

A wine glass is more than a holding vessel for wine. The founders of Riedel stemware viewed the wine glass as an instrument to bring together: The personality of the wine. The smell of the wine. The taste of the

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