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Food-and-Wine Pairing at North Coast Wineries

Every so often, we like to take a look at what types of food wineries are serving at their tasting rooms to accompany their wines. After all, winery owners have a vested interest in making their wines look good. That

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Every Vintage Tells a Story

Remember Rod Stewart’s song, “Every Picture Tells a Story,” from his 1971 album of the same name? The song tells the tale of Stewart’s adventures with various women around the world, with stops in Paris, Rome and Peking. Each encounter

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3 (Delicious) Benefits of Blending

Back in 2011, I wrote this blog titled, “Why Winemakers Blend.” It took a look at two very different approaches to winemaking though two bottlings crafted from winegrapes grown in the Rutherford district of California’s Napa Valley. One wine was

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