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A Perfect Dinner Destination in Lodi Wine Country

Something I’ve always liked to do after a long day of visiting wineries… after grabbing a nap… is enjoy a good meal at a local restaurant. When visiting California’s Lodi wine country, I’ve always found that to be a challenge.

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Have a Zinful Good Time in California’s Lodi Region

Located between San Francisco and the Sierra Nevada mountains, Lodi wine country makes a great day trip — or a destination in its own right. Over the past decade, fourth- and fifth-generation winegrowers dedicated to the soils and vines have

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Doing Things the Right Way Is Good for Everyone

In yesterday’s blog, we initiated a round of applause for winners of the first California Green Medal: Sustainable Winegrowing Leadership Awards, which were announced and presented recently at the University of California at Davis. The first Leader Award went to

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Zinfandel: A California Original That’s Worth Championing

It’s hard to believe that nearly a quarter-century has passed since ZAP was formed. “ZAP” may sound like a sound effect from the campy “Batman” television series, but in this context those letters are an acronym that stands for Zinfandel

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