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Eat Your Veggies! And Don’t Forget the Wine!

Fresh vegetables are among the best gifts of spring and summer, but those gifts can wreak havoc when it comes to wine pairing. Here are a few ideas to help you navigate those challenges. (And, yes, we know that not

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Sangria: Red or White, It’s a Fun Drink for Summertime… or Anytime

It’s close to summertime, and in Spain, that means it’s Sangria time. Actually, the residents of Spain — at least the ones we encountered in Barcelona last fall — enjoy Sangria all year-round. And why not? It’s fun to drink,

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Taking Wine to New Heights in Washington

American Viticultural Areas are the U.S. equivalent of wine appellations in France. In order to gain AVA status, an area must be shown to possess unique characteristics that separate it from neighboring areas. In some cases, it’s the general environment.

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Shrimp: A Perfect Pairing Partner for Pinot Grigio

I love shrimp. Whenever Red Lobster rolls out its “Endless Shrimp” promotion, I am so there. This year, for example, the restaurant chain is spotlighting its new Sriracha Grilled Shrimp, described as “wood-grilled shrimp topped with a spicy Sriracha glaze

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