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Highly Elevated Wining and Dining in Los Angeles

Even though Southern California’s high-rise buildings have survived even the strongest earthquakes — and are designed with that very purpose in mind — I’m still a little hesitant to go inside them, let alone ascend to their highest floors. I’m

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An Inn and a Restaurant for French Wine Lovers

Because so much of wine’s history is linked to France, that country will always hold a special place in the hearts of wine lovers. Today, I’d like to tell you about a French inn that’s attracting foodies from around the

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It’s Time for Consumers to Meet Restaurants Half-Way

As a wine consumer, I have a love/hate relationship with fine-dining restaurants — the kind that have outstanding wine lists to complement their exceptional food. I love them because, in most cases, the wines are curated by a sommelier who

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A Perfect Dinner Destination in Lodi Wine Country

Something I’ve always liked to do after a long day of visiting wineries… after grabbing a nap… is enjoy a good meal at a local restaurant. When visiting California’s Lodi wine country, I’ve always found that to be a challenge.

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