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Collectible Decanters: How to Get More Out of Your Love of Wine

It’s not unusual for people who have an interest in a topic to turn it into a hobby — or even an obsession. For example, people who play or follow baseball may collect baseball cards or autographed balls. People who

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Glassware: Size and Shape Make a Difference

A wine glass is more than a holding vessel for wine. The founders of Riedel stemware viewed the wine glass as an instrument to bring together: The personality of the wine. The smell of the wine. The taste of the

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How Many Wine Glasses Arrr Necessary?

Unless you’re a pirate and plan to drink your wine straight out of the bottle after your fellow swashbuckler has taken a swig, you need glassware. Which brings us to today’s Wine FAQ… QUESTION: A friend of mine insists on

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