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Wine Aged in Bourbon Barrels: The Next Big Thing?

As we noted in this blog , barrels can play a key role in what a wine ultimately tastes like. A vast majority of barrels used for aging wine — something along the lines of 99.99999999999 percent — are made

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Margrit Biever Mondavi: The Passing of a Napa Valley Legend

I had planned to devote today’s blog to the harvest in Austria — a place with which Michelle and I fell in love during our all-too-short visit in late 2014 — but the passing of Margrit Biever Mondavi will push

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Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Robert Mondavi Winery

In the early days of the Robert Mondavi Winery, Michael, one of the sons of the founder, would do his best to slow down traffic — if you could even call it “traffic” back then — and try to get

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Inland from Ventura, a Wine Oasis Awaits

As Robert Mondavi was to the Napa Valley, Adam Tolmach has been to the Ojai Valley, bringing attention to the area as a legitimate winegrowing area — and providing one more reason to visit this quiet California village. Tolmach went

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