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Corks vs. Screwcaps: The Jury Is No Longer Out

Without a doubt, in all the years I’ve been writing about wine, the question I’ve been asked more often than any other is this one: Is a wine that’s sealed with a screwcap inferior to a wine that’s sealed with

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Crackle or Pop? When Opening a Bottle, Either Sound Works

One more FAQ to close out the week… QUESTION: I recently received a bottle of wine from a friend that has a screw top. I thought all good wines came with corks. Is my friend trying to tell me something?

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The Great Debate: Corks vs. Screw Caps

It is a very long word — way too long for Scrabble: trichloroanisole. I was not all that good in chemistry class, so I won’t even try to pronounce it. Let’s just agree to call it TCA, okay? TCA is

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