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Napa Vintners Embrace Fish Friendly Farming

Fish Friendly Farming and how Napa Valley Vintners are involved.

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Your Ticket to a Napa Valley ‘Wine Experience’

Life is about not just about people or places or things, but their sum total. In a word: experiences. That’s why, in the name of experiential marketing, some wineries no longer simply put their latest wares up for sale; they

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Quake Reminds Us That You Can’t Put a Price on Human Life

Two weeks and two days have passed since the largest earthquake to hit Northern California in a quarter-century rocked the Napa Valley. We reported on the quake the day after it hit, sharing friend and colleague Jim Caudill’s early impressions.

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Exploring the Olive Oil-and-Wine Connection

California’s climate is similar to that of the Mediterranean, and perfectly suited for growing olives. Lot, hot, dry summers promote growth of olives with optimal oil and antioxidants that are believed to enhance health and longevity. Numerous olive varieties are

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