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A Wine Solution for Salty Food

Which wines should you pair with salty foods? We have the answers.

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This Is the Day to Celebrate All Sparkling Wines

Get ready for New Years Eve with our quick checklist.

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Why Prosecco Is Considered ‘The New Bubbly’

The year was 2015. It was a momentous year in the history of wine. In the United Kingdom, for the first time ever, sales of Italian Prosecco surpassed sales of French Champagne. Take a moment to digest that factoid. Never

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Embracing Columbus’s Sense of Adventure

When I was growing up (which, admittedly, was a long, long time ago), we were taught that Christopher Columbus discovered America. No ifs, ands or buts about it. Perhaps you had to memorize the same poem I did: “In fourteen

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