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The Intersecting Languages of Wine and Coffee

At first glance, I thought it was another wine-related email — one of at least 50 I receive on any given weekday. (The flow slows a little on the weekends, allowing for the flow of a little more wine at

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Coffee, Chocolate, Golf… and (Of Course) Wine

A few notes that are at least semi-related to our favorite subject (wine) as we near the end of June… Coffee king Starbucks, which has been experimenting with wine, beer and upscale snacks during evening hours at a number of

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Sparkling Wine or a Latte? Why Not Both?

Not long before last week’s sparkling wine Cyber Circle offering, we received a question that I thought was fascinating, since virtually all of us are interested in our waist lines these days. It was impossible to provide a definitive answer,

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The ‘Languages’ of Wine and Coffee Are Merging

Happy National Coffee Day! In honor of this special occasion, I’m beginning my day where I start most days: at my neighborhood Starbucks shop. (If you must know, I typically order a tall dark roast with just a little bit

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