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How Better Science Produces Better Wines

It’s truly amazing to see how far “sustainability” has come since the 1960s, when a group of people my parents labeled “hippies” first brought widespread attention to the concept. Today, we take recycling for granted, both when preparing our trash

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A look at Sustainability at Lasseter Family Winery

Earth Day has come and gone for another year, but the focus on sustainability only continues to sharpen in California wine country. That’s why we like to share the stories of wineries and grape growers who are doing their part

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America’s ‘Greenest’ Winegrowing Region

Mendocino County boasts the largest acreage of certified organic vineyards in the United States, with many dedicated farmers doing things the “old right way.” The history of organic grape growing in the county can be traced to the early Italian

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A Green World of Wine Update

We like to keep you up to date on “green” news in the world of wine, and today we have information on a new book as well as a winery that has been taking organic farming seriously ever since its

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Torii Mor: Wines True to the Land and the Climate

Perched high in the Dundee Hills of Oregon, Torii Mor Winery is a testament to the philosophy that premium quality, handcrafted Pinot Noir is best when it expresses individuality and the terroir from which it originates. Winemaker Jacques Tardy achieves

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A Look at How Winemakers Are Getting Greener

The title is long — “Biodynamic, Organic and Natural Winemaking: Sustainable Viticulture and Viniculture” — but the content is compelling for anyone interested in what wineries and grape growers can do to have less impact on Earth. “We constantly notice

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It Doesn’t Get Much Greener Than AVV and Mendocino County

The many “green” initiatives embraced by Alexander Valley Vineyards in Sonoma County, Calif., have been in use for more than three decades. Early on, the Wetzel family composted winery waste, practiced irrigation management and planted cover crops in the vineyards

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3 ‘Green’ Stories to Celebrate the Red, White and Blue

Before we celebrate the red, white and blue this weekend, let’s take a quick look at three wineries that take “green” winegrowing seriously — Cuvaison, Marimar Estate and Quivira… CUVAISON — The Cuvaison winery was established in 1969 on the

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Fascinating Facts About 5 Wine Countries

We love the wines of California so much that we sometimes forget that there’s a big, beautiful “wine world” out there — from South America to Australia to Europe and beyond. Here are a few fascinating facts about five of

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Sonoma County Wineries That Walk the ‘Green’ Walk

Every so often in this blog, we like to give props to some of the wineries that take their stewardship of the land seriously. Wineries that don’t merely the “green” talk, but walk the “green” walk. The Sonoma Green Business

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