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Duckhorn Purchases the Vineyard It Made Famous

This blog should perhaps be archived under “Vineyards of Distinction,” rather than “Wineries of Distinction.” But the vineyard and the winery have been intertwined for decades — and, now, their relationship has become even closer. In May, Duckhorn Wine Company

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My ‘Epiphany Wine’: Duckhorn’s ‘Three Palms’ Merlot

I have told the story before, but it’s worth telling again — especially because today’s Cyber Circle offering focuses on the wine variety involved: Merlot. Return with me now to my clueless twenties. Newly divorced and raising my daughter alone,

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The Best Winemakers Are Control Freaks

If we were talking about any other profession, you might think of them as “control freaks.” But winemakers have valid reasons for wanting to make as many decisions as they can. In point of fact, the more control the vintner

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