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How Much Do Scores on Wines Matter?

Some people are downright vitriolic in their disdain for scores being assigned to wines. “You wouldn’t assign a score to a painting, would you?” is a common refrain. “Or to a piece of music?” Painters and musicians engage in forms

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10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Tasting Room Visit

It’s California Wine Month, and until we get that law passed that allows people to buy their wine only from Vinesse, we know you’re probably going to stop by a winery (or two or three) when the occasion arises. September

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Joe Evancho Wins a Year of ACWC Wines at STAT Summerfest

On July 26, we told you about a truly awesome Vinesse member, Cat Markosky, who is changing lives through an organization she founded called STAT — Southern Tier Alternative Therapies. STAT focuses on the use of a unique physical therapy

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A Wine Education Online… Courtesy of Vinesse

From the time Vinesse was founded as a single wine club, education has been a key component of the experience for club members. Not only has an informative sheet which we call a “Tasting Note” been produced for each featured

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Pretty Labels Are Nice, But Pretty Wines Are Better

Lawrence Dutra still abides by the mantra he established when he founded Vinesse more than 20 years ago: “We will always be more concerned with what’s in the bottle than what’s on the bottle.” In other words, while a pretty

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This May, Join Vinesse & Sojourn for a Private Cycling Tour of Sonoma

If you’re a frequent reader or an active Vinesse member, you probably already know that Vinesse is about to kick off our first ever Private Cycling Tour of Sonoma Wine Country in a partnership with Sojourn Bicycling & Active Vacations.

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It’s Tough to Top Sonoma

If you haven’t already heard, Vinesse is offering the chance to go on a guided private biking tour of Sonoma wine country with Vinesse members and staff. The trip takes place May 31st through June 5th of this year and

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