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Exploring the Santam Swartland Wine & Olive Route

It’s a leap year. What will you do with your extra day? Well, since much international travel involves “losing a day” either to time in the air or making up sleep, you might want to consider targeting 2016 as the

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Family Wineries Beckon in Western Iowa

Six wineries in Iowa — a state better known for its corn and soybean production — have united to form the Western Iowa Wine Trail. Although its often-harsh winters would seem to be a hindrance to quality winemaking, Iowa is

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3 ‘Green’ Stories to Celebrate the Red, White and Blue

Before we celebrate the red, white and blue this weekend, let’s take a quick look at three wineries that take “green” winegrowing seriously — Cuvaison, Marimar Estate and Quivira… CUVAISON — The Cuvaison winery was established in 1969 on the

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A New York ‘Vinifera’ Pioneer Still Going Strong After 56 Years

In France, Italy and Germany, it’s not unusual to encounter wineries that have been owned and operated by the same family for generations. Multi-generational wineries are not so common in the United States, partly because America is a relatively young

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