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6 Wineries in 6 States You Don’t Normally Associate With Wine

I have visited all but three states (Maine, West Virginia and Arkansas), and have made sojourns to winery tasting room in a vast majority of the states I’ve visited. I seek out wineries like others seek out art galleries or

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Taste Some of Michigan’s Best Wines in Chi-Town

California. Oregon. Washington. Those are the states most commonly associated with fine wines. Then there’s a second tier. For me, those states would be, in no particular order, Texas, Virginia and New York. After that, quality can vary widely among

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A Surprising Discovery at Michigan’s Warner Vineyards

For visitors to Paw Paw, Mich., a stop at Warner Vineyards is a must — and not just because my Dad’s name was Warner. For one thing, the grounds are gorgeous, with lush landscaping, its own little “river,” bridges and

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St. Julian: A Visit to Michigan’s Oldest Winery

It was fun… and, frankly, a little emotional… re-connecting with my Dad’s bakery roots in Wisconsin, first by visiting some of my cousins in Dad’s hometown of Eau Claire, and then by stopping by a Danish bakery that specializes in

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