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Why Basements Make Great Wine Cellars

Homes with basements are common in the Midwest, in part out of necessity: Families need someplace safe to ride out the tornadoes that hit the region. But in Las Vegas, they are rare because the dirt is hard. Venture just

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3 Tips to Help Keep Your Wine Collection Safe

If you live in an earthquake-free zone, you can store your wine bottles pretty much anywhere and not give them a second thought. They should be kept away from direct sunlight, of course, and at a relatively cool temperature. But

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Temperature-Controlled Wine Storage for $3,035.71 Per Bottle

Oh, sure, the 10,726 square feet of living space is nice. Ditto for the five full bedroom suites, including the master bedroom that occupies about 2,100 square feet. The six fireplaces certainly come in handy during the winter months, and

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