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Leg of Lamb With Black Olive Puree — Try It With Cabernet!

Cabernet Sauvignon can sometimes be challenging to pair with food, especially younger renditions with tannins that have not had time to subside. As the king of red wines, it seemingly demands attention, as if to say, “You will pay attention

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Many Wines — White, Red, Blush and Sparkling — Are Garlic-Friendly

It has been said that garlic has so many health benefits, it should be eaten at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Studies have shown that garlic can lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and help prevent blood clots. It contains allicin, an

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Is Your Wine Rack Ready for Entertaining?

“10 Reasons to Entertain at Home.” That was the title of a fun post a few weeks ago on, and I have to agree with each and every reason listed. Check out the basic list below, and then read

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A Tasting Experience You Can Share With Friends

I’m pretty excited about the wine sampler that’s being featured by Vinesse today. Not only does it include a wonderful selection of wines, but it’s intended to do one of the things that wine does best: bring people together. You

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