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How Do They Make Some Wines Sweeter Than Others?

We kick off this week with a question about sweet wines — which most wine drinkers enjoy, even if they’re reluctant to admit it… QUESTION: My wife loves dry red wines, but I prefer wines that have some sweetness to

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Use of Yeast in Winemaking Is Getting Wild

For many years, a group of California winemakers have been practicing a technique known as “indigenous yeast” fermentation and making consistently excellent wine. Why, all of a sudden, has this technique become a buzzword in the wine press and why

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What Does It Mean for a Wine to Be Balanced?

As the person who writes the tasting notes that accompany the wines featured by Vinesse, I’m constantly aware of the language used in those mini-stories. No, by “language,” I do not mean bad words. I’m talking about the descriptive words

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Fascinating Winery Facts from Wines Vines Analytics

Back when I was a cub reporter for my hometown newspaper, covering high school baseball and football on the weekends, I knew that I was a “Figure Filbert.” That’s the nickname that was given to Ernest Lanigan, a reporter of

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