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Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Cabernet Sauvignon

A look into Cabernet Sauvignon wine and how it compares to the other top wine varietals.

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’Tis the Season For Wine Tasting

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As a public service, today’s blog will begin with a report from the National Weather Service. In case you already know how bad the weather is going to be over the next week or so, feel free to skip the

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Wine Opening 101: Even Without a Corkscrew

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It is the nightmare of every wine lover: You’re on a trip, you’ve checked into your hotel room, you remove that special bottle you that you expertly secured in your luggage… and then it hits you. You left your corkscrew

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Dine Italian Style: Pasta and Wine Pairings

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Is there any type of cuisine we associate more with wine than Italian? I sure can’t think of one. This perception has been carved out and perpetuated through hundreds of years of tradition in Italy, followed in the 20th and

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