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What We Can Expect from the 2018 Harvest

We always look forward to the annual grape crush report issued by the California Agricultural Statistics Service because it not only paints a picture of the vintage, but also provides a preview of what we can expect in the marketplace

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You Can Learn a Lot from a Wine Label

Sometimes looking at a wine label, especially one from Europe, can be like trying to understand a foreign language — in many cases, literally. But if you know what to look for on a label, you can learn a lot

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Declaration of Independence

Wine has long been a source of great joy in our lives and is our choice of drink for bringing together family and friends and for making new ones.  We are committed to a world where more people enjoy wine

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Seeing Red: A Varietal Struggle in Ribera del Duero

A great deal of red tape must be cut through to make possible the making of white wines in the Ribera del Duero growing region of Spain. But, according to this report from Decanter, that process has begun. To clarify,

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