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How to Protect Your Wine in the Summertime

Here are three simple tips that will ensure your wine is just as fresh and flavorful on the day you open it as on the day you it arrived at your home… with summertime in mind…

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Wine Descriptors Can Help You Identify What You Like

Some helpful wine descriptors to show you what wines you love, and don’t.

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5 Truths About Tasting (and Assessing) Wine

Comparing wines should not be thought of as a “competition,” and yet we need some way to differentiate the really good ones from the so-so ones. Around here, we’ve always embraced the 100-point grading scale that we came to know

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Before You Check the Wine, Check the Wine Glass

It happens in restaurants around the world thousands of times a day. A diner orders a bottle of wine. The server fetches the bottle from the restaurant’s cellar, brings it to the table and shows the guest the label to

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