Let the Grilling Season (and Wine Pairing) Begin!

One of my cousins, who lives in Wisconsin, posted a photo of her backyard on Sunday with a simple notation: “May 19, 2019.” The photo showed her lawn and back porch covered with a thin layer of snow. Which makes

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The Wine Factor When Wining and Dining Out

Dining out can be expensive, especially if you intend to drink wine with the meal. Here are three things to keep in mind… The best restaurant wine lists are created by owners who love wine. Have you ever noticed how

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Time for Peach Cobbler and Sparkling Moscato

It was at one of California’s many summertime music festivals where I first encountered the peach cobbler of my dreams. The mid-afternoon sun made the limited amount of shade a coveted commodity — yes, shade can be a commodity in

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How to Store Your Wine for Optimum Enjoyment

The first day of spring here in the Western Hemisphere was Wednesday, March 20. The last day of spring will be Friday, June 21. Which means if you haven’t started spring cleaning around your house, time is quickly running out.

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