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A Wine-Tasting Experience Above the Rest

I lived in Chicago for 13 years at the beginning of the new millennium, and every once in a while I’d read about a rooftop garden being planted on one of the city’s many skyscrapers. In some cases they were

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The Cure for ‘Bottle Sickness’ Is Patience

When cans or bottles are filled with soft drinks… and when bottles or cartons are filled with milk… they’re immediately placed in case boxes and prepared for shipping to warehouses or their points of sale. But when wine is bottled,

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Are You Ready to Pop the Top on a Can of Wine?

Is the day coming when we may go to the supermarket for a six-pack of wine? Nielsen Company statistics show a notable increase in canned wines from 2017 to 2018. In 2017, sales of canned wines amounted to $42 million.

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Wine Brings People Together in Tense Political Times

In these politically tense times, there’s a great story of bipartisan work taking place. And wouldn’t you know it… it has to do with wine! The Congressional Wine Caucus was co-founded 20 years ago by California Congressmen Mike Thompson (D-St.

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